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The Chirco family has been in the building industry in Tucson Arizona since 1960. Sam Chirco started Chirco Granite Fabrication in November of 1997 to complement the custom homes he built as well as many of Tucson’s finest builders, designers and architects. Chirco has obtained the best craftsman in the field and expects nothing less of them. Let us help you with your granite, marble or quartz needs. You will be pleased.

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Granite Tips

Thinking of using granite countertops in your kitchen?

Kitchen granite countertops in tiles or slabs provide a unique and long-term home remodeling solution. This remains one of the toughest, most sophisticated natural stone choic... Read More

What is granite? The Earth’s oldest building material

Granite — The Earth’s Oldest Building Material Granite is—quite literally—as old as the earth. It is formed from liquid magma, the molten rock still found at the core ... Read More

How to care for your granite countertops

Granite countertops require special care so that they continue looking beautiful for many years. Although granite is quite resistant to scratches, to properly maintain this ty... Read More

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